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Tech Money Talks, hosted by Brian McCumber, is your #1 trusted source to help you learn and earn an amazing Six Figure income and beyond, by helping you start your own online business, land a great work from home IT career, or invest cryptocurrency.


Brian McCumber is the host of Tech Money Talks podcast and has built a six-figure business from scratch. Listen to his latest episode on Spotify to learn the latest tips how you can do the same.


It's never been easier to start earning an amazing six figure income. On YouTube, Brian will teach you how to build a six figure online busienss from scratch or make a career change into your first work from home IT job.

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Brian has built a lucrative online businesses for years and also has a multiple six figure IT career. Brian will coach you how you can do it too! He'll be sharing his formula and strategies that have helped many people reach success.



Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for ways to earn extra money or an entrepreneur who wants to scale to a six figure business and beyond – this is for you! Brian will teach you how to launch your own online business using his tried and true strategies that have helped him earn an amazing multiple six figure business income.


Did you know it is only $300 per day to have a six figure business?
Brian shares 3 levels of dropshipping for you to challenge yourself at your own comfort level. 

LEVEL #1 is Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. It costs no money to start dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace and a good goal you can reach and maintain doing Facebook Marketplace dropshipping is bringing in $100 per day.

LEVEL #2 is Shopify dropshipping. Here’s it has a small investment to setup your Shopify store and start running Facebook Ads. A good goal for you to reach and maintain doing Shopify dropshipping is bringing in $1,000 per day.

LEVEL #3 is dropshipping with ClickFunnels. Here is has a little more investment and setup of your first ClickFunnels dropshipping sales funnel. Working with Brian, you can copy his proven templates. A good goal for for you to reach and maintain doing dropshipping with ClickFunnels is bringing in $3,000 per day.

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Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping
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with ClickFunnels


It’s no secret that DevOps Engineers have become one of the most in demand positions in the modern workforce. If you’re ready to take your career in a new direction, it’s time to take a deep look at your skills and figure out how you can turn them into a rewarding and fulfilling career as an DevOps Engineer.

What does it take to be one?

A successful career as a DevOps engineer requires the ability to work well with people and have technical skills. If you don't think that this sounds like something that you possess - don't worry! You'll learn during our training what kind of skills you need to succeed and we'll also help you develop.

Why you need a DevOps job

Do you want a six figure salary? Do you want to work from home? If so, then this is the opportunity for you! In this role, you will be able to work from home and help companies release their software faster.

Six Figure Income Potential

As a DevOps Engineer, you can have the potential of earning up to $100K more per year than your average salary. With Tech Money Talks Podcast's training program, it can be your reality.

Need a change?

The easiest way to a six figure income!

You work a traditional 9-5 job and you’re thinking of a career change… but you don’t know where to start. What if there was a program that would teach you everything about your new career and provide ongoing support? A program that would enable you to leave your job, take control of your own life, and watch the income grow exponentially? There is.

CHEAT CODES For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

The Old Way Is Too Slow! Learn The New Way In This Video... Learn How To Find Winning Products To Sell On Facebook Marketplace. There's no guessing! Let the customers tell you what they want. There are so many great tips in this video.

$132,000 Entry Level DevOps Cloud Engineer

Here's the deal... Technology Jobs continue to outpace the Nation’s capacity to fill them with skilled IT workers. Companies are struggling to recruit talented resources, like DevOps Cloud Engineers. This lack is creating the high salaries for Technology professionals. In simple terms, because there are not enough DevOps Cloud Engineers, their salaries are really high and it's continuing to grow!

Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2022

Alex, AC Hampton, is an 8 figure ecommerce entrepreneur who can teach you how to build and scale your online business, profitably Would you like to reach a $1,000 days dropshipping? Would you like to reach a $3,000 days dropshipping? Alex has help hundreds of people launch their dropshipping business and can help you too.


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“I just got my first sales today! A nice surprise since it also happens to be my birthday! Thanks, Brian McCumber!! ” 

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